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Constructions (infrastructure, real estate, renovation, commercial)

Various Works D-pier.
Axion role: general project management Design and Realization Phase. Part of Masterplan Schiphol. Contents: Extended Pier D, building Lounge 2, new infrastructure around Pier D. Construction in operational area in the heart of the operation at Schiphol. Project equivalent to new construction of about 3,500 homes on approximately 150 ha. Project delivered within budget and schedule.

Extension and Renovation (Schengen) Lounge 1, part of Masterplan Schiphol.
Axion role: general project management from the beginning tot the end of project. Construction in operational area in the heart of the operation at Schiphol, the biggest project ever in the terminal. Rewarded by the Dutch Government as “Project Example”.

Schiphol Plaza.
Axion role: projectmanagement. Development of commercial property in the terminal (retail, hospitality, etc.).

RandstadRail The Hague Central Station (Dutch Key-Project), part of Masterplan The Hague.
Axion role: Construction in operational area.

Utrecht Central Area (Dutch Key Project), part of Masterplan Utrecht.
Axion role: management consutant.

Amsterdam Central Station. Part of Masterplan Amsterdam Central.
Axion role: management consultant.

“De Bazel”. City Archieves of Amsterdam
Axion role: management consultant. Project nominated for Lensveld Architecture Interior Price 2007.